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Our creative process is important, beause it outlines our goals and end results, giving everyone a road map, and helps clients understand just what to expect. Organization is important. Without it, we'd go crazy, really. We make every effort to maintain a high level or organization to help keep projects as streamlined as possible for our clients with a clear and well-defined project plan.

With that in mind, this is how a typial project progresses from an idea to the final product. Details will vary depending on the creative service we are providing, but all follow this general outline. And, like with any targeted solution, we start with the Discovery Phase.

1. Discover
We begin this phase by gathering information with the goal of defining brand attributes. We have to have a clear understanding of your industry, goals and project parameters.

Tasks completed during the Discovery Phase:
  Define parameters of project
  Define target audience and industry practices
  Outline project goals and compile site map
  Evaluate competitors and industry practices
  Evaluate resources for content, images and layouts

2. Concept
Once we have gathered all of the information from the Discovery Phase, we roll up our sleeves and start the brain-storming session that will develop concepts to best communicate your message. Once we are confident of the viability of our concepts, we present them to the clients for feedback.

Tasks completed furing the Creative Phase:
  Pencil Sketches
  Typography, color, imagery and layout exploration
  Refinement of concepts in master templates
  Presentation of concepts

3. Production
This is where the ideas from the Concept Phase are expanded into full working designs. We make sure that your vision comes to light and that every step of the production meets our standard of quality. Content is developed and integrated in our designs, imagery is optimized for te appropriate medium and final designs are presented for final approval. Attention to detail is important in this phase, so we make certain all of the variables have been properly developed.

Tasks completed furing the Production Phase:
  Create and include additional content
  Enhance graphics and images
  Code Websites

4. Deployment
The fourrth and final phase of your project is the Deployment Phase. Whether you have a print piece or a website, we proceed by proofing your work, final approvals and make sure that the mechanics and specifications of what we have produced is ready for prime-time.

For website, we thouroughly test the overall site for function, design and content prior to going live. We'll suggest ways to get the most out of your website, including ideas around search engine optimization or future updates or maintenance to the your website.

For print projects we prepare the approved files that way we can deliver to the printer, publications or to the client.

Tasks completed furing the Deployment Phase:
  Proof content and files
  Prep files/graphics to specifications
  Test website for function and overall layout
  Collection of files to disk (printers and publications)
  Color Proofs and CD/DVD Burning
  Upload files/graphics throuth ftp/web servers

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